Leaflet and Political Campaigning Policy

Art on the Avenue Policy on the Distribution by Hand of Leaflets, Pamphlets, etc.

The Art on the Avenue Committee prohibits the distribution by hand of any leaflets, pamphlets, etc., within the festival grounds – please do not walk and distribute leaflets, pamphlets, etc. within the festival footprint.

There are several reasons for this:

  • The goal of AOA is to create a safe, relaxing, family-friendly festival atmosphere.  Patrons are free to choose which of the authorized vendors/non-profits to visit, and should not be subjected to solicitations not of their choosing.  Patrons are free to pick up leaflets, pamphlets, etc., from any of the authorized vendors, non-profits and the Political Soapbox.
  • Each authorized vendor/non-profit is allocated space and expected to stay within that space.  Vendors and non-profits may not hand out any leaflets, pamphlets, etc. outside of their designated space.
  • The authorized vendors and non-profits have either paid money or given other support to the festival, in exchange for the opportunity to market their art or publicize their organization at the festival.  Without their support there would be no festival, and the Committee believes that it is unfair to permit unauthorized vendors or organizations to compete for the attention of the patrons.


Political Leaflet Distribution

AOA recognizes that freedom of speech, including the distribution of leaflets, pamphlets, campaign literature (in an election year) is an important tradition.  To accommodate those that wish to be politically active during AOA, but are not one of the registered non-profit groups which have donated their time and resources in return for a table presence, AOA has created a designated area for other political activities.

The designated area is named the “Political Soapbox” and is clearly labeled and delineated.

For AOA 2017, the “Political Soapbox” is located on the East side of the 2300 block of Mt. Vernon Avenue (in the street, curbside not on the sidewalk), just south of Oxford Avenue (i.e. in front of the parking lot where the bands play).  The “Political Soapbox” is centrally located at the festival and very prominent.

Political Parties that wish to advocate for candidates during the festival must stay within the “Political Soapbox”.  Patrons must choose to enter that area if they so wish.  Solicitations on behalf of candidates or political parties, including distributing literature, will not be allowed in other festival areas outside of the “Political Soapbox”.

The “Political Soapbox” is for political parties and their candidates.  We do not provide space for issue campaigns or groups advocating before government for a specific issue.

Each Party will be given a 10 foot by 10 foot space, and their candidates must stay within this designated area while campaigning.  If any of our block captains find that people are outside this area, they will be asked to either leave or return to their 10X10 area.

We would appreciate it if no more than six (6) people be in the 10X10 area at one time from each Party.

Each Party must provide their own set up – tent, table, chair – and all must fit within the 10 foot by 10 foot space.  Set up time is by 9:30 AM (cars are not allowed on the street after 9:30 AM) and breakdown cannot happen til the festival is over at 6 PM.


Photo of AOA programs - Image courtesy of JenConsalvo.com

Image courtesy of JenConsalvo.com